Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mojo Rising

Navajo Mojo Rising

After a week of catching the dreaded flu (I barely get sick); I am creating again!!! Is my Mojo Rising? Let's hope it is and it's here to stay!

I'm crazy about a new technique I've learned while sick (gotta love utube). Mokume Gane: I love this so much; I cannot convey in mere words. Above is one of many pieces I've created and below:

Earth Evolves

The pair upper right appear to have resurrected a flair from: Gustav Klimt

What I love about this art form is that no two pieces will ever be alike (right up my alley)!!! Keeps my attention!

And a photo below (not finished yet) of a pair of shoulder duster earrings (not with Mokume Gane):

I also opened a 2nd Etsy Shop: Bead East which soon will be filled with Mokume Gane Beads and other random bead offerings. Please visit me there! Would love to have you drop in!


  1. Wow just beyond beautiful Mama San's your Mojo is over the top and to the moon! Earth Evoles is just the perfect title for your new jewels! Go Mama San go!!! Your work is just beautiful. Warm Regards Louise

  2. Awesome pieces! I love the look you are getting with this technique and I'd say your mojo is definitely rising!

  3. Lookin good .. glad your feeling better

  4. Oh my goodness, the sky is the limit. You are going to have a blast with this. I love where you are taking it! You go, girl. Glad you are feeling better, Sandra!